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San Francisco, California, May 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At the 12th session of the Open-ended Working Group on Aging held in April, Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human of man, pronounced these touching words regarding the world population of older people:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the lives of more than six million people, mostly older people… Older people have been left on the margins of society when they need our support the most.

By 2050, there will be twice as many people aged 65 as there are today. They will outnumber young people aged 15 to 24.

We should ask ourselves: what kind of world do we want to live in by then?

Social isolation and loneliness affect people of all age groups around the world, but are especially deadly for older people. A Brigham Young University study found loneliness to be a key contributing factor to early death in adults, ranking it on a par with smoking, alcohol and obesity.

Yet older people continue to be neglected and marginalized in society – and for Serena Dangthe problem is exacerbated by the aging population’s lack of access to technology that increasingly caters to a younger generation.

Today, she embarks on a social mission like no other in her illustrious ESG career. After serving as Vice President of Nomura Securities, founding member of 1Sharpe Ventures, responsible for North America for She loves technologyand advise of Trella Urban Forestry TechnologyDang is now launching his own tech startup Teacup Inc. – a voice-driven online platform that leverages the power of social technology to improve the well-being of older adults around the world.

With a proven track record in ESG and a strong belief in the power of social technology, Tea cup Founder and CEO Serena Dang is determined to solve a growing problem of an aging global population. Too many older people struggle to use existing social platforms to connect online, leading to social isolation and loneliness. This is a problem that has only grown due to the COVID pandemic, and one that Teacup intends to solve.

“COVID has made it difficult for everyone, and especially the elderly, to connect socially,” Dang says. “Because of this, older people are now suddenly squeezed online but have nowhere to go.”

The problem, Dang says, is that existing online social platforms aren’t designed to meet the needs of an aging population — many of whom may be going online for the first time.

As Dang wrote recently editorial for Medium:

“As these adults enter the second half of their lives, particularly after retirement, they still have 20 to 40 years to live. Unequipped and unprepared for the rise of the digital and virtual world, many of them find themselves daunted by the prospects of adopting new technologies to stay connected, as their vision, mobility and cognitive functions deteriorate.Each new feature designed by big tech companies to excite the younger generation in turn drives adults away older, because it ends up being one more thing to pick up and relearn.

“Internet infrastructure was never really created for older people,” Dang says. “So there is a huge gap, but also an opportunity for a company that is focused on designing platforms with the interests and needs of older people in mind. And that’s ultimately Teacup’s goal.

The groundbreaking voice app offers an online experience that will benefit a population that was previously underserved by technology. As a result, older people around the world will now have the ability to access information, connect with others, and create a safe and supportive online environment.

“I described it as somewhere between joining a Clubhouse chat room and listening to a podcast or a radio show,” Dang says. “Seniors can find high-quality, age-appropriate information and meet like-minded people as they enter retirement and have new life experiences.”

Tea cup will be the first of its kind, paving the way for the creation of a social network serving the elderly. As Dang says, it will be a source of valuable information for seniors and a way for them to build their own community of trusted users.

“We help seniors find their own hyperlocal online community,” Dang says. “It could be based on their neighborhood, their retirement community, their interests. Whatever they want to use it for is really up to them.

This isn’t the first time Dang has used his unique skills to help solve important ESG issues. She is currently responsible for North America for She loves technologytransforming what began as a regional organization into the world’s largest acceleration platform for women and technology.

As an advisor for Trella Urban Forestry Technology, she leads cross-cultural ESG initiatives between the United States and China, using impressive greenhouse technology to grow millions of trees in a faster, better environment. Their ultimate goal is to produce and distribute trees through organizational partners around the world, dramatically reducing carbon emissions and fighting climate change.

Teacup is set to launch in 2022, and with Serena Dang at the helm, it promises to be an exciting and game-changing online platform for the global senior population.

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s older members of society. It goes without saying that societies that actively support their older people will pave the way to a more dignified future for all.

To learn more about Serena Dang’s groundbreaking work in technology and finance as well as the future of Teacup, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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