Six Florida Gators players set to capitalize on NIL this year


From Thursday, the varsity sports landscape will be forever changed with name, image and likeness.

Student-athletes in Florida and other states can now sign sponsorship agreements, use their social media platforms to promote businesses, and sell their own merchandise.

Here are six UF players who are ready to capitalize on NIL immediately with their followers on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.

6. Security Donovan McMillon

Total number of subscribers: 25.9K

Early enlisted Donovan McMillon has yet to play for the Gators, but he is already able to make money from his name, image and likeness. He used the four major social media platforms – TikTok (9,347), IG (8,355) Twitter (7,114) and YouTube (1.13K) – to garner nearly 26,000 fans. McMillon is well-spoken, charismatic, and comfortable on camera, so look for him to feature in a future commercial.

5. Cornerback Kaiir Elam

Total number of subscribers: 30.6K

Kaiir Elam’s field play, coupled with his online tracking, could create more NIL opportunities for him than any player in Florida this fall. Elam, whose IG has 21.1,000 subscribers, is projected to be among the top 10 picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. Businesses and businesses will come to demand the approval of a player of this caliber. Elam also has his father, former NFL security Abram Elam, to stand out.

4. Defensive end Princely Umanmielen

Total number of subscribers: 35.5K

Princely Umanmielen was building her brand long before her college career began. The majority of its subscribers are not from Twitter (6,200), IG (6,973) or TikTok (8,802), but YouTube. Umanmielen has 13.6,000 subscribers on his channel, which he monetized with behind-the-scenes vlogs of his recruiting and now UF. Last year, a video showing his freshman gear generated 227,000 views.

3. Defensive back Trey Dean III

Total number of subscribers: 40.6K

No one on the list wears headbands, sleeves, and other Gator gear with more style and loot than Trey Dean III. In fact, senior security has developed its own clothing line, TD3, and launched a website to sell merchandise. Dean has over 40,000 followers combined on Instagram (29.4,000) and Twitter (11.2,000) to promote his new clothes and more.

2. Quarterback Emory Jones

Total number of subscribers: 84.6K

Emory Jones, like most of the SEC’s starting quarterbacks, is a prime candidate for NIL mentions. He has the second largest social media following among Florida players, with Instagram (51.4K) and Twitter (33.2K) accounts similar to Jacob Copeland. Jones has marketed himself in the past with promotional workout videos. Could his next one include an advertisement for a sports drink?

1. Wide receiver Jacob Copeland

Total number of subscribers: 88.6K

Jacob Copeland’s social media following has been huge since he was recruited in high school. Now he is able to take advantage of that ahead of his junior red shirt season. The only starting back in Florida’s receiving corps, Copeland has the team’s largest online platform with their Instagram (55.3K) and Twitter (33.3K) accounts. He tweeted a photo of a shirt with his new logo on Wednesday.


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