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Brandon Irlbeck (CEO YoReSpot)

Brandon Irlbeck (CEO YoReSpot)

your news

your news

BAYARD, IOWA, USA, June 21, 2021 / – YoReSpot, a new online social media platform focused on community and unity, announced the collaboration with the information network your news. This creates a media giant between the two entities as valuable partners creating solutions for the ever-changing digital media landscape.

For anyone who enjoys the news, having good sources to lean on and having a good reference platform that can help them find the best stories from legitimate journalists without political or political biases is essential. moral. It’s not just a person’s social responsibility to share factual information online, but most people should keep their reputation intact. This is what YoReSpot and yourNews aim to accomplish with their partnership.

YoReSpot is an app built around community and unity. Founder Brandon Irlbeck was tired of looking at opposing views of social media giants and mogul censors. His computer background, his drive to become better than others, his impartiality towards religion, self-identification, and the opinions of anyone who helped him create the app.
YoReSpot invites everyone to experience social media as it is meant to be, uncensored and open to all.

Asked about the collaboration between the two companies, Irlbeck said the synergy is “absolutely amazing! He went on to say, “Our members really enjoy hearing their news from yourNews because they post what interests them on their feeds on YoReSpot without fear of being censored.”

yourNews is an online daily news platform that operates locally in all zip codes in the United States, such as Fox, CBS, and ABC. The company operates as a national network with local subsidiaries. All of their affiliates are broadcast stations. Together with local news services, they provide national news. Affiliates provide local content and are promoted from their station.

According to yourNews founder, Sam Anthony, “We are extremely happy with this new collaboration with YoReSpot. In fact, it all started just a few weeks ago, where our names are spelled slightly differently. Nonetheless, we have a very beneficial relationship and we grow together, yourNews being the news medium and YoReSpot being the distribution platform.

About YoReSpot
YoReSpot is a social media platform that supports less aggressive and divided socialization. It is a new application created around two concepts: community and unity. The platform is against negativity, closed minds and censorship. Even people with differing opinions have the opportunity to come, have their voice and use it without fear of reprisal.

About your News
yourNews is the very first online social news that features a local edition in every zip code in the United States. The platform seeks to deliver local news to every city in America and represents the future of information.

To learn more about this new partnership, visit the official YoReSpot website at and your news on

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