Strict measures are coming to social media platforms


by Newsom According to a press release from his office, EU 2273 Known as the bill, the bill “requires online platforms to take into account the best interests of child users and have, by default, privacy and security settings that protect mental and physical health. and the well-being of children”.

2024 The law, which will not come into effect until , aims to place additional restrictions on the types of data platforms that can be collected from children. by Newsom excerpt from the press release: “EU 2273, prohibits companies that provide online services, products, or features that children may access from using a child’s personal information that: collects, sells, or has a child’s location; profile a default child; and directing or encouraging children to provide personal information.

Strict measures are coming to social media platforms

However, this social media, What this will mean on a practical level for games and other online platforms is still unclear. The bill has come under heavy criticism from privacy advocates as well as the tech industry.

A criticism backed by digital rights groups is that requiring companies to identify child users could harm everyone’s privacy, not just children. fight for the future “The bill is drafted so vaguely and broadly that it is almost certain to lead to the widespread use of invasive age-verification techniques that claim to protect children (and everyone else) while protecting their privacy,” he said in a statement.

“Enforcing age verification, especially marginalized communities, human rights activists, It also makes it virtually impossible for whistleblowers and journalists to use online services that threaten freedom of expression anonymously.

california law, social media came with pressure on their companies to do more to protect the privacy and well-being of children who use their platform. Senate lawmakers have also proposed federal laws that would increase data protections for young users, and President Joe Biden has said he supports a ban on online ads targeting children.


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