Teen entrepreneur Kyle Edward makes thousands of social media accounts per week


Bronx, New York, United States, September 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Businesses are increasingly looking to social media and digital marketing guru Kyle Edward to strengthen their market presence and stimulate higher incomes.

In January 2021, the 19-year-old Bronx, New York, launched his social media marketing agency and has since helped many brands and public figures grow their audiences on social media platforms.

The idea of ​​social media marketing came to Kyle because he enjoys growing his social media accounts on Instagram. He spends hours on his account – https://www.instagram.com/nudt/ – interacting with customers and supporters.

“Today every business needs a social media presence,” he said. “Social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, have become the place where people go and connect. With billions of people using these platforms, there are billions of potential customers to reach.

He took advantage of his entrepreneurial spirit and started the agency when he realized that going out during the global pandemic could put him at risk of getting infected.

“I never wanted to work 9 am-5pm. I always wanted to own a business,” Kyle explained. “It’s tough at first, and there are a lot of obstacles standing in your way, but once you’ve overcome them, the freedom to do what you want when you want is indescribable.

“I could travel anywhere in the world while working on my computer, and I could sleep while earning an income.”

Kyle was also motivated to start his business by his desire to help others. Along the way, he took over ten members to work with him and with whom he shared his ideas. They are now an integral part of the success of his social media marketing agency.

He added: “I think the key to success is to act as soon as you have a great idea, especially if it can make you a millionaire. There are a lot of risks, but what’s important is may you continue to learn from your mistakes. and work harder and smarter next time. “

Over the past few months, Kyle has been working from home through his OBYK.NET website, multiplying the pages by the thousands. He plans to register an LLC in the future to take his ideas to new heights.

CONTACT: Full Name: Kyle Edward, Company: OBYK LLC, Phone Number: 3478440015, Website: https://obyk.net, Email: [email protected]


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