Temasek warns against fake social media profiles impersonating its employees


SINGAPORE — Temasek Holdings has warned the public against fake profiles of individuals claiming to work for the public investment firm on social media sites such as LinkedIn.

In a news Posted on March 19, Temasek said connection requests are made by these people and it “can be difficult to tell the real ones from the fake ones.”

“Like many professionals, Temasek employees have LinkedIn profiles and connect with friends, colleagues and associates. However, Temasek employees will never do business with Temasek on social media platforms,” said said the company.

He advised the public not to enter into any deals or business deals as a result of interactions on social media platforms.

“If you are approached by someone on LinkedIn claiming to be a Temasek employee, you should take independent steps to verify that the person you are dealing with is a genuine Temasek employee. You should also report fictitious or questionable profiles to the social media operator,” he added.

All Temasek email addresses end with “,” the company said, adding that its employees do not conduct official business using personal email addresses from providers such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook.

“Please exercise caution and take steps to ensure, in any business transaction conducted online, that you are dealing with a genuine agent of Temasek who has the authority to conduct or enter into business transactions,” the company said.


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