The Dangerously Sweet Way Drug Dealers Target Children on Social Media


According to the Mirror UK, marijuana dealers are using the user-friendly nature of candies like brownies, cookies and popular candy brands that are often used as edibles – a way to ingest marijuana into food – to target vulnerable groups such as children. Resellers market the candy through apps like TikTok, offering low prices and fast delivery, without the crucial information that the candy is in fact mixed with marijuana.

The Sun reports that resellers use both TikTok and Instagram a lot, showing videos of popular candies like Nerds or Haribo Gummy Bears and offering delivery to shoppers within 24 hours. The dealers would also sell the candy in bulk, which means a greater risk of poisoning or overdosing for unsuspecting children ingesting more than one food at a time.

While the outbreak alone is a huge safety concern regarding accidental marijuana ingestion, there are other potentially harmful effects as well. According to the National Center of Drug Abuse Statistics, “30% of those who use marijuana may have some degree of marijuana use disorder and 1 in 6 users who start using it before the age of 18 become dependent”. And because marijuana is known as a gateway drug, accidentally ingesting it at a young age can cause children to experiment more over time, or with harder drugs.

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