The Lockport couple’s flower business begins to bloom


May marked the first anniversary of Haven Flower Farm, a small operation at Reesa and TerriLynn Gravois-Arabia’s home in Lockport.

The journey began last spring when Reesa researched “How to Grow Black and White Anemones in Zone 9b”.

The couple started planting three rows in their garden.

Gravois-Arabies are farmer-florists, which means they specialize in both growing and designing seasonal flowers.

Last year, they overcame challenges such as being new to gardening, an active hurricane season, and setting a schedule to lengthen their growing season.

“As we approach the second year, we know what we can grow and then we can try to experiment with other things that we didn’t have the chance to develop last year,” Reesa said.

Sunflowers, peonies, cosmos and more mark the seven rows of the 3,000 square foot space the couple are using for summer flowers this season. They take care of their garden in the evening after returning from their full-time job.

The farm has led to a plethora of opportunities. The couple helped provide flowers at weddings, shared their gardening skills with others, and hosted a workshop at a local market to teach children how to make their own Halloween bouquet.

Tiny sunflower sprouts at Haven Flower Farms.

“I was like, ‘Are the kids going to want flowers? Because they usually only want candy, right? But they were really into it. We had to come back to the garden twice and cut more flowers because they were so excited to make their own bouquets, ”said Reesa. “So that was fun. And it was cool to see the kids really excited about it too.

TerriLynn said she loved the engineering behind the flower arrangement.

“The fun part for me is the functions we get. It’s fun working on projects. It’s fun doing installations,” Terriynn said. “We’ve done several now, and it’s starting to look like nothing, it looks like a crab trap. … And then when you’re done, it’s this beautiful piece.

Haven Flower Farm customers agree.

“My mother received a beautiful farm fresh package from you all last Saturday for her 90th [birthday] celebration, ”said Jackie Bonvillain. “They were not only beautiful, but smelled so good too.”

The Rosemary Collection arrangement with the peony Coral Charm.

Another customer, Janie Hebert, said the flowers marked important moments in life.

“Haven Flower Farm has helped bring warmth to my home, comfort to a friend who has lost her mother, joy to a new mom, comfort to a friend who dreams of being a mom, excitement for birthdays and wonder in my niece’s eyes. said Hébert. “Their love for flowers, attention to detail and work ethic is unmatched and is reflected in every arrangement they make. “

Reesa said the long hours it takes to maintain their passion is well worth it.

“I really like working hard, I like it. That does not bother me. And gardening for me is something that really interests me, ”said Reesa. “The future of Haven Flower Farm would just be to primarily grow flowers and sell them and provide this local area with something that looks different than what they can get from regular wholesalers.”

An English garden rose at Haven Flower Farm in Lockport.

Looking to the future, the couple hope to expand the business by providing the opportunity for people to cut their flowers on the farm. They want to be a part of local weddings, establish new perennial flowers to add to arrangements, and partner with other local businesses.

“It’s just awesome,” Reesa said. “You can really be a part of people’s special days.”

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