The startups powering the D2C brand ecosystem in India


The outbreak of the pandemic has forced consumers to change their buying behavior. To meet these changing consumer demands, retailers are taking an omnichannel approach. On the other hand, even though the post-pandemic world is moving towards contactless deliveries, consumers are still unwilling to give up in-store interaction. Therefore, online shopping is reshaping the future of the e-commerce industry to provide enhanced customer experience. To do this, a multitude of forces are driving the increased adoption of the digital approach in the industry.

We have narrowed down the list of 5 platforms that power the D2C brand ecosystem in India.

GreenHonchos: GreenHonchos is a comprehensive D2C enabler offering technology, digital and operational solutions for scaling D2C brands online. In this increasingly digital world, customer demands are increasing every day, especially post-pandemic, but there is a dearth of end-to-end growth catalysts in the Indian e-commerce ecosystem. Brands have an urgent need to move online and scale quickly. They are faced with making the right decisions about which platform, technology, marketing channels and commercial leaks brands should be protected from. This is where GreenHonchos comes in as a one-stop platform offering end-to-end consulting, technology and digital commerce solutions. As a leading comprehensive D2C enabler, GreenHonchos offers one-stop online solutions, including retail consulting, e-commerce technology, growth marketing, digital branding, performance marketing, market management and analysis and information. With over a decade of experience in the digital space, GreenHonchos has enabled the scalable and profitable growth of brands in industry verticals like fashion and lifestyle, beauty and personal care, home and housewares, food and beverages, consumer electronics and more. Their clientele includes Liberty, TCNS Clothing, Metro Brands, Siyarams, Zink London, D’Decor, Being Human, Spykar and House of Rare, and many more.

GoKwik: GoKwik is on a mission to democratize the shopping experience for D2C brands by providing them with a complete stack of activation solutions. GoKwik’s payment suite aims to make the consumer shopping experience more secure, transparent and rewarding. By optimizing and improving the checkout experience for brands through features such as personalized pre-fills, smart address mapping, smart checkout options, and dynamic incentivization, GoKwik helps improve checkout rates. conversion and reduce customer acquisition costs. The 18-month-old startup also solves the RTO on CoD problem for brands and D2C marketplaces with features like dynamic CoD, custom RTO models, real-time address quality check, and more. Using its high-end AI/ML models with over 200 parameters, GoKwik has so far been able to save over INR 45 crore for its merchant network.

Mo Commit : MoEngage is an insight-driven customer engagement platform for customer-obsessed marketers and product owners. They want to create the most trusted customer engagement platform in the world, backed by the most comprehensive AI engine. Since 2014, this fundamental principle has driven them to become industry leaders in customer engagement, propelled by both customer obsession at scale and continuous product innovation. With a unified team creating a unified brand platform built entirely in-house with the mindset to adapt to your customer base and provide each of them with a unique experience. Through the channels. Just at the right time. Everytime.

Shopflo: Shopflo is a SaaS platform that enables an easy checkout experience for e-commerce brands. Shopflo aims to increase conversions for e-commerce websites at checkout by improving user experience, helping to build intent and trust during purchase. The solution allows buyers to register details on the platform after the first purchase. The one-click solution helps reduce abandoned carts and increase merchant sales.

FYND : Fynd is India’s largest omnichannel ecosystem and cross-platform technology business platform that helps retail businesses accelerate their growth. Based in Mumbai and founded by Farooq Adam, Harsh Shah and Sreeraman MG in 2012. They have modernized the retail strategies of over 1000 brands and created a rich array of technology products. FYND’s technology solutions combine integrated inventory visibility and tailored logistics across demand channels for a consistent and seamless experience. Fynd brings the focus back to customers and drives interactions within the brand’s omnichannel ecosystem⁠—ultimately, unlocking sales and engagement.


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