Track down Marcos’ disinformation and propaganda machinery


The rehabilitation of the name of Marcos was done through networked propaganda, attacks on the media and the opposition, and manipulation of platforms, among others

MANILA, Philippines — As the 2022 polls draw closer, the online landscape is becoming harder to navigate due to the deluge of misinformation that has favored the frontrunner in the presidential race — the dictator’s son, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

Marcos has maintained a wide lead over his opponents even though he has been slower to increase his ad spend, is perpetually absent from presidential debates hosted by major media outlets and the polling body, and has faced numerous controversies regarding his candidacy, his educational background, and his liability to inheritance tax, among others.

How does he maintain and get online support? His camp and his supporters employ tactics that involve spreading lies and using networks that the platforms are too slow to shut down. It’s a years-long effort that will culminate on May 9, when Filipinos vote.

Here are Rappler’s investigations and reports into the many ways Marcos-related propaganda and misinformation thrives on social media, how the platforms respond to or allow it to happen, and how the Marcos family profits from lies and fraud. handling.

Network propaganda
Disinformation, historical distortion



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