Training webinar to help businesses create a social media strategy


New training session designed to help business owners and social media managers create an actionable social media content strategy and plan.

While many business owners are working on their 2022 marketing and communications strategies and plans, many will struggle to figure out what to do with their social media in the coming year. A new training session from UK company Excalibur Press is planned to help business owners, social media managers and staff dealing with social platforms create an actionable social media content strategy and plan .

Moderated by trainer and content strategist Tina Calder, the How to Set Up Your Social Media Content Strategy and Plan for 2022 session, which will take place on Friday, January 7, will introduce participants to the basics of what they need to know in order to to maximize their use of social media in the coming year.

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Speaking ahead of the session, Tina Calder said, “For many businesses, social media can be a headache that just won’t go away. Everything from a lack of time, resources and finances to a lack of technical skills and content ideas can turn social media management into a nightmare for many people.

“As the number of platforms increases and public expectations change, it’s not easy to stay in control of your social platforms in a streamlined way that is beneficial to your business.

“In this session, we’ll focus on helping people understand the practical steps they need to take in order to create a basic social media strategy for the coming year and show participants how to make a plan, where to get ideas and how to run a good bulk social media content creation infrastructure.

The 90-minute session will also guide participants through each of the most important platforms and features, while helping to develop ways to think about content, engage their staff and colleagues, and integrate social media into one. broader marketing and communication strategy.

Tina added, “Throughout this session, I will be revealing all the tools we at Excalibur Press use to create good quality content for our clients as well as unveil the secrets that other social media professionals don’t. not want you to know.

“By demystifying how to optimize your content creation on social media and showing participants how to integrate social content into all aspects of the customer journey, I hope businesses and individuals will be much more confident in the creation of social media. ‘great social media content throughout 2022.’

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