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Jason Miller, the former head of election communications for the former US president in 2016 and 2020, launched GETTR in direct competition with Twitter which Mr. Trump used almost daily to make his point of view known to the world. Speaking to the Sunday Express, Mr Miller accused social media giants of interfering in the last US election by deleting a damaging story about Joe Biden’s son Hunter, then after the election by banning Mr Trump from Twitter and Facebook for life.

He said: “One in six Biden voters said he would have changed his vote or considered doing so if he had heard of Hunter Biden’s story.”

He also noted that concerns about Big Tech in the United States meant that two-thirds of people joining GETTR wanted to take on the social media giants, compared to one-third who wanted to support President Trump.

He said, “We launched July 4th Independence Day so people can declare their independence from big tech and so far we have been the fastest social media platform to reach. 1 million users.

“We’re also the fastest social media platform ever with 2 million users and this thing is really taking off like a rocket.

“I would say Twitter and Facebook are our two most likely competitors when it comes to markets.”

He said that unlike Twitter, there would be no room for terrorist groups like Hamas or the Taliban.

However, unlike Twitter also, people “who wish to express a political opinion will not be canceled.”

The new platform will also be different in that it won’t collect or sell people’s data.

Describing his competition, Miller said, “Apparently they’re about social media, they’re actually data companies. “

Echoing a campaign slogan from his former boss, Mr Miller said that GETTR is “making social media fun again”.

He is in talks with famous South American footballers, two prominent singers and other celebrities to join the site.

In the UK, Reclaim Party leader and actor Lawrence Fox has joined the site.

It was announced this week that Mr Fox will play Hunter Biden in a film about alleged financial scandals.

Mr Miller says there will be no room for pornography or racial abuse on GETTR and that users who break those rules will be banned.

The communications guru said GETTR is rising to quash culture and a period of censorship unprecedented in Western history.

He said: “If you told me that I would advocate for free speech and Trump in the world a year and a half ago, I would say you are crazy.

“Seeing what happened, I really think this past year has been the worst year of censorship in American history.

“We go back to last spring, when covid emerged and people were censored for saying such drastic things as the virus came from a lab in China.

“The fact that Big Tech was going to censor and shut this down, I think, was really a travesty for free speech in America.

“Now we find ourselves in a place where the White House is actively working with social media to pick winners and losers in free speech issues.

“If you had had President Trump and [his press secretary] Sarah Huckerbee said “we are working with a social media company to identify some posts to say they should be removed.” People would go mad, it’s the fascist state, we are in 1984. “

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