Truth Social users rail against ‘censorship’ on Trump’s platform


Allegations of ‘censorship’ are flying on Donald Trump’s alternative social media platform, Truth Social.

The main point of contention among users is that Trump’s site continues to enforce ‘sensitive content’ notices obscuring certain posts, including a popular anti-Biden meme that mocks the president over the rate hike. inflation.

“This content may not be suitable for all audiences,” the notice states.

This content warning also concealed a popular graphic depicting Jesus Christ and a quote from the Bible with a gray filter, leaving users furious.

“Truth Social loves censorship,” wrote one user, whose bio on the site included the hashtag “NoMoreRINOs.”

Another pro-Trump user, “Ultra MAGA Peanut,” responded on the platform that Truth Social “should be embarrassed by this censorship.”

“Unfortunately, I see so many innocent posts marked as sensitive,” wrote user, @sammyrisley. “It’s almost as bad as Twitter,” said another loving MAGA user.

“I thought Trump was all about the truth!!!!” exclaimed another user.

A spokesperson for Truth Social did not respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment on Wednesday afternoon.

The ongoing drama follows following a user claiming that Trump blocked her on his own platform.

In late June, a popular and verified pro-MAGA user on the platform, @Lara8, said the former president had “blocked” her.

“I have no idea but President Trump blocked me today on Truth Social,” she wrote at the time. “Any of you who know me know that I’m a very loyal supporter of President Trump and a fighter for #FreeSpeech. Hope that was a bug or a mistake.”


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