UK dental search engine unveils Smile White – innovative new professional teeth whitening product in UK


Smile White is on a mission to shape the future of professional teeth whitening in the UK by making professional teeth whitening treatment both affordable and accessible to UK citizens. The brand hopes to achieve this by adopting an innovative marketing strategy in collaboration with – the fastest growing dental search engine in the UK.

The Dental Register announced the launch of Smile White, a professional teeth whitening product which is now available for purchase across the UK by dentists and patients. Smile White guarantees a brighter smile and the treatment is supervised by a licensed Smile White dentist based in the UK who will ensure that the treatment is carried out in a safe and effective manner.

The Dental Register is the owner of Smile White, and the dental search engines are the exclusive supplier and distributor of the Smile White teeth whitening product in the UK. The Dental Register intends to generate sales for the Smile White product by directing teeth whitening requests to dentists who supply Smile White across the UK through its search engine.

Smile white is also the first professional teeth whitening system that can be ordered online through its website. It makes teeth whitening treatment more accessible by allowing the patient to order the professional teeth whitening package online through its simple 4-step process. This four-step process involves a simple one-time payment for the full package online, a visit to the smile white accredited dentist at the location of the client’s choice (available nationwide) where the tooth measurements are taken, the trays SuperFit ™ custom whitening kits are made in the smile white lab, and a visit to the Smile White dentist for the collection of kits and fit of the SuperFit whitening tray.

The team at is also revolutionizing the way a provider of teeth whitening products works with partner dentists across the UK who provide Smile White by referring patients directly to the clinic and delivering content. marketing such as scrolling banners and other personalized marketing content. to partner clinics. Teeth whitening requests generated by The Dental Register through its search engine go directly to dentists who provide Smile White to ensure a constant flow of patients.

Smile White is launching nationwide marketing campaign to fight non-professional over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products to attract more patients to the professional teeth whitening market. Not only will this ensure that fewer patients are harmed by illegal whitening, but it will also reduce the number of customers who buy non-professional kits online that are unaffected by teeth whitening and ultimately result in wasted money and disappointments.

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The Dental Register is the UK’s fastest growing search engine for private dental inquiries. It is also the exclusive distributor of smile white across the UK. To learn more, visit

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