Vision-Box’s Orchestra digital ID platform re-certified


Vision-Box’s Orchestra digital identity management platform has obtained a renewal of its Privacy by Design certification, after an evaluation by MSECB – the certification body specializing in the certification of management systems. The internationally recognized standard was again awarded to Vision-Box following a detailed assessment report submitted following KPMG’s audit. Privacy by Design is a framework based on proactively integrating privacy into the design and operation of computer systems, network infrastructure, and business practices.

Orchestra is a digital identity management platform, a collaborative real-time data orchestration ecosystem capable of integrating biometric devices with third-party systems, ensuring interoperability between travel actors. The platform connects multiple stakeholders around the traveler journey to improve safety, customer experience, non-aeronautical revenue and operational efficiency. The platform enables real-time sharing and monitoring of traveler-centric information, enabling data-driven decision-making. With Privacy by Design at its core, travelers are the sole owners of their personally identifiable information.

Orchestra has been certified Privacy by Design since May 2018 by Ryerson University and in 2019 by MSECB. Vision-Box has proactively achieved certification, demonstrating its commitment to an ecosystem of privacy-focused solutions, and is an exemplary leader among its peers in the biometric and contactless technology industry. This certification validates end-to-end security and Vision-Box’s goal of providing privacy as a default trust seal built into its design.

Orchestra’s multi-tenant architecture, along with its administrative and operational controls, proactively integrates privacy and security into its design, ensuring data protection and security throughout the end-to-end journey. It is the only identity management platform certified by Privacy by Design and GDPR compliant, orchestrating all the functionality of traveler touchpoints and any other external system, bringing earlier information and innovation to the end-to-end process.

Due to its cutting-edge functionality and Privacy by Design certification, Orchestra™ is used by airlines, national border control agencies and airports around the world, including Emirates, AirAsia, Finnish border guards and the Carrasco airport, to name a few. some.

Speaking about the Privacy by Design certification renewal, Miguel Leitmann, CEO of Vision-Box said, “We are honored to have received the renewal of the Privacy by Design certification by MSECB. Data protection and privacy are central to our company’s design philosophy. This certification remains the ultimate standard that we continue to strive for, and it recognizes the market-leading commitment that Vision-Box and its technologies offer to bring confidence to the entire travel industry. Besides being a proud achievement, it is also living proof of how our identity management platform can be operated securely and efficiently with privacy built into its architecture. I thank MSECB for reassessing and renewing such an important certification, and KPMG for their thorough evaluation of our platform.

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