What movies and TV shows are leaving Netflix? 7 ways to find out


Finding what to watch on Netflix is ​​hard enough. But it’s an absolute nightmare to settle on a feature only to find it’s about to leave the platform. Maybe if it’s a movie, it won’t be so bad to binge before the deadline. But the shows are another story.

If you’d rather save yourself the rush of an entire title before it leaves, here are some ways to tell if a movie or show is about to leave Netflix.

1. Take note of my list

Netflix lets you create a list of titles you want to watch. You can add movies and shows to your list, and there are only two reasons why something added to your list disappears: either you deleted it yourself, or the title is no longer available on Netflix. A third possibility includes geographic restrictions, as certain titles are available in specific countries.

By adding movies to Netflix’s My List, you can find out which titles are dropping soon. Indeed, once added, Netflix organizes them in a particular order. It automatically places what it considers to be the most relevant movies at the top of the list.

This means that features that are newer additions get priority, as well as those that will expire soon. Also, if a show’s new season drops, it skips the line and jumps to the forefront.

My List is an easy way to keep track of titles that may be expiring soon. Since you can add up to 2000 titles on a single profile, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of the feature.

2. The movie details say it all

You can clearly see if a title is coming soon by looking at its details.

Browsing through Netflix’s vast catalog, you’ll notice a Details section attached to all of its features. If you find the perfect movie or show to stream, you can find out more before you start playing — synopsis, cast, length, and if it’s dropping soon. So take a look and figure out if you have enough time to consume the content before it leaves Netflix.

3. Be Aware of Netflix Alerts

As soon as you click play on the feature of your choice, you will receive an alert. Netflix will show you if it leaves in the near future, so you know you need to watch it as soon as possible.

When opting for a particular title, notice if Netflix sends you an alert. This way, you won’t miss finishing a show or movie after you start it.

4. Google can be a useful resource

If all else fails, you can always turn to Google. Countless websites have dedicated articles listing all the titles on Netflix that are about to expire.

All you have to do is open the search engine and type ‘shows and movies leaving Netflix in [month of your choice].” It’s a guarantee that you will see at least several articles as the top results that feature all the movies and TV series set to expire that month.

What’s on Netflix is ​​an independent Netflix fan site that contains all information related to the streaming service.

By browsing the platform, you can find out which titles are coming soon or have just been released. There’s also a top 10 list category, a catalog of Netflix Originals to watch, and more on the site. And, of course, you can also find out what’s about to leave the service.

What’s on Netflix has a dedicated Leaving Soon section that includes all the movies and shows that are about to expire. And that’s not just limited to information about titles leaving the US library, but also includes those from the UK, Australia and Canada.

It’s a great platform for discovering all kinds of Netflix news and keeping up with its ever-rotating library.

Flixable is considered a search engine for the most popular streaming services. It is therefore not a platform dedicated to Netflix only, because it contains titles from other streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu and Disney +, so it will be easier to determine the best streaming service for you.

You can search the platform for the latest titles available to watch on any of the streaming services listed above. You can also narrow your search using its handy filters, such as selecting a genre and sound, among others. The best part about Flixable is that it has a dedicated starter section for Netflix features.

Its dedicated Movies and TV Shows Leaving Netflix category lets you know which movies are about to expire. And they are listed from nearest to farthest and offer name, release year and feature rating. Flixable is an easy way to track titles about to leave Netflix.

Social media is ubiquitous in everyone’s life and follows us almost at all times. So, naturally, businesses love to take advantage of this by creating accounts on every available app. But who’s to say we can’t enjoy that too?

If you follow Netflix on Twitter, you can follow all the announcements concerning its catalog. You will be informed about upcoming features, trailers and announcements about the upcoming release of certain titles.

Following the online platform is great since you can manage the notifications you receive, so they don’t get too out of control and become annoying. But you’ll still follow the latest announcements from the streaming service.

If you’re not a Twitter user (or fan), Netflix also has accounts on Facebook, Youtube, instagramand even pinterest.

Netflix offers more than movies and TV shows

There are so many streaming services available for consumption that one wonders which ones are actually worth subscribing to. Faced with this question, people often agree that Netflix is ​​among those worth the monthly bill. But is it?

Although the streaming service regularly features original content and owns the rights to several highly anticipated shows that keep its subscribers hooked, that hasn’t stopped it from bleeding subscribers.

In an attempt to buck the trend, Netflix decided to expand beyond movies and shows. And he dipped his toe in the gaming industry by introducing games. Will this do the trick and help it retain the number one spot for subscribers? Only time will tell.


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