Why Snapchat is safer than other traditional social media platforms


Snapchat gives five reasons why its app is a much safer traditional social media platform.

1. Snapchat is for real friends
Snapchat was designed to keep close friends that users trust up to date, so Snapchatters can only see content from those who allow it. Snapchat has become an alternative to traditional social media and has stayed true to its values ​​as a platform for authentic communication between real friends.

Designed to stay up to date with close friends that users trust, Snapchatters can only see content from users who allow it. Snapchat has become an alternative to traditional social media and facilitates authentic communication between real friends.

Unlike other platforms, users know that the only people who will see their content are those they have added as a friend. Snapchat doesn’t have an open News Feed, where anyone can post content around the world.

2. Location sharing disabled by default
Location sharing is turned off by default for all Snapchatters when they first use Snap Map. They have the option to decide whether to share it with their friends, but never with strangers so that users cannot accidentally share their location without realizing it.

Snapchat has introduced a new temporary live location sharing feature to help users monitor their friends. They will be able to activate a feature similar to a buddy system that will allow them to share their location in real time for 15 minutes or a few hours with a friend, whether they are on their way to meet up or on their way home in the evening.

There is no option to send their real-time location details with all their Snapchat friends.

3. No News Feeds or Public Comments
Snapchat doesn’t allow open newsfeeds and public comments and doesn’t give unverified content the chance to “go viral” on Snapchat, where anyone can post content worldwide.

The content platform, Discover, only features content from vetted media publishers and content creators. The entertainment platform, Spotlight, is proactively moderated using human review before content can reach a large audience.

Snapchat does not condone misuse of the platform and has a dedicated infrastructure to design and enforce guidelines. When attempts are made to violate our policies, we simply remove the content.

Group chats are limited to 64 members and cannot be discovered on our platform if you are not a member of that group. Similar to 1:1 chats, you cannot join a group chat if you are not already friends with someone in a group.

4. In-App Resources
Snapchat has accelerated the launch of a new in-app mental health hub, Here For You, which provides in-app support for Snapchatters who may be experiencing a mental or emotional health crisis or who may be curious to learn more. about these problems and how they can help friends deal with them.

It brings up resources from localized expert partners when Snapchatters search for certain topics related to mental health, anxiety, depression, stress, suicidal thoughts, grief, and bullying.

This is an in-app resource that cannot be found on other digital communication platforms.

5. Easy reports
Snapchat offers tools to make reporting quick and easy. The in-app reporting process has always been anonymous, and plain language is provided for Snapchatters to understand how it works and that their identity will never be revealed to the person they report.

Snapchat is always reviewing its list of inappropriate behavior that Snapchatters can report to ensure that the categories and language used fully reflect their experiences and how bad actors can operate on the platform.

Snapchat prohibits harassment, bullying, hate speech, impersonation, threats, criminal activity, violence against women, and other harm. All reports are strictly confidential – Snapchat will never tell the person reported who reported them.

Snapchat’s Trust & Safety team reviews all reports. If they find that the content violates Snapchat’s Community Guidelines, they can remove the content or suspend the account. Only if necessary will they contact law enforcement.


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