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A key milestone has been reached as part of the council’s action plan to support economic prosperity, “Opportunity Harlow” has been officially launched to serve as a gateway for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access new opportunities through targeted procurement support.

The project is funded by the Government’s Community Renewal Funding and is led by Harlow Council. The Haven Gateway Partnership and the Center for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) are both partners in carrying out this pilot project.

To build resilience, businesses in Harlow will be supported to access and competitively bid for local procurement opportunities. This support is available to all SMEs in the city and will continue until June 2022. Large companies and organizations that want to source more goods and services locally will also be offered support.

The project provides access to a free local procurement portal, which companies can use to access opportunities and find a series of workshops, webinars and training sessions, to build their ability to win contracts with success. These services will be provided by the Haven Gateway Partnership.

Councilor Joel Charles, Deputy Head of Council, said:

“Investing in Harlow’s pound is crucial as we seek to accelerate pandemic recovery plans. This government-funded project enables the council to help provide local businesses with the knowledge to seize new opportunities by improving their ability to be more competitive in tenders. This project aims to encourage small businesses to grow and build more relationships to advance their business interests.

“This is an important step forward as part of the council’s focus on building the capacity of local businesses to plan for the future, invest in their current workforce and then seek to be able to create new employment opportunities.

Sue, Mosaic Recruitment’s COO, said: “As a local business that has been operating in Harlow for ten years, Mosaic Recruitment looks forward to this exciting new opportunity designed to encourage Harlow organizations to engage with each other. others and to exchange locally.

“Over the past two years we have reassessed our shopping habits and buying from local and independent retailers has been a truly positive experience, I have personally felt uplifted by the commitment to quality, personal interaction and the sense of satisfaction that came from feeling that I may have helped another local business thrive.

“As a member of the business community, I am delighted that by taking advantage of this opportunity we can expand our community spirit to integrate our business dealings and I have no doubt that it will help some of our brilliant Harlow businesses to The idea of ​​always considering Harlow businesses as our first option when looking for a product or service is a great way to support Harlow’s economy.

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