Hyundai takes control of Boston Dynamics


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Hyundai Accord

Hyundai has bought the majority stake in robotics company Boston Dynamics as the Korean firm seeks to accelerate the development of new technologies.

The deal, that estimated the value of the mobile robot firm at 1.1 billion (PS 793 million) The deal saw Hyundai purchase an 80percent part of Boston Dynamics, while SoftBank which was previously the owner of Boston Dynamic – retains the remaining 20% through an affiliate..

Boston Dynamics is well known for its futuristic robots that can move in a walker’s path as well as responding to interaction.With this acquisition Hyundai plans to establish that it has a “leading position” in robotics, and, consequently, to apply its technology into a range of ways, from the production of robotic components to solutions.intelligent logistics.

Hyundai can also help Boston Dynamics expand its product range and sales across the globe.

Boston Dynamics launched its first trading robot, Spot, in June last year. Boston Dynamics it now is home to hundreds of robotics working in all kinds of fields.In the past, it has released Stretch its first commercially-focused robot that was designed to be used in distribution centers and warehouses.

Hyundai goes through an process of change as it introduces more electric vehicles into its range.Hyundai is also researching the possibility of using hydrogen fuel cells, following the creation of a new division last year devoted to research and development of alternative fuel sources.Nexo is its Nexo is only one of two hydrogen-powered cars offered in the UK and the other is Toyota’s Mirai.


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